Advancing Reproductive Freedom in Our New Fiscal Year

Our Justice is making the annual transition into a new fiscal year and are reminded of the organization evolution that has occurred over the last twelve months. This has been a year of organizational evolution, in which we have welcomed four talented new board members, sponsored and participated in impactful community events centered on Reproductive Justice, and re-invigorated the Our Justice Abortion Assistance Fund. With your support, over the past year, Our Justice has provided thousands of dollars more in direct funding for abortion care than we have over the last several years. 

From October 2018-May 2019, the Our Justice Abortion Assistance Fund:

  • Received requests for funding from more than 140 people seeking care and provided direct financial help for 94 people accessing abortions.

  • Pledged more than $40,000 and paid more than $32,600 in direct funding.

  • Pledged an average of $350 per client seeking care. Our higher pledges were typically for people with more costly procedures and/or experiencing other difficult personal circumstances including homelessness, undocumented immigration status, or sexual assault and/or intimate partner violence

As our organization moves into the next fiscal year, we are grounded by the importance and urgency of our work. Like many of you, we were outraged this spring by the abortion bans passing through the Southern and Midwestern states. After years of pushing abortion care out of reach for people on the margins - especially for poor women, young folks, transgender people, and Black and Indigenous people of color - anti-abortion politicians are now inflicting a wave of outright bans.

Our Justice knows what it’s like to face impossible odds. We are resilient, and we’ve been fighting for ourselves and each other, for generations. We will not back down! 

In May, Our Justice joined with local partners and advocates, lead by NARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota, at the Minnesota State Capitol in solidarity to ensure our neighbors in the South have access to abortion care, as we continue to fight for Minnesotans who struggle to access care right here! New board member, Angelica Perez, spoke to a crowd of hundreds about the need for compassion and care in our communities. That following week, we joined a community coalition of providers, advocacy organizations, and faith groups, to announce a new educational campaign, UnRestrict Minnesota, that brings to light Minnesota’s unconstitutional anti-abortion laws.

Angelica Perez, Board Vice Chair, Speaking at the Minnesota State Capitol at the Stop the Bans Rally

Angelica Perez, Board Vice Chair, Speaking at the Minnesota State Capitol at the Stop the Bans Rally

Many Minnesotans would be surprised to know that for decades anti-abortion lawmakers in our state have been quietly passing laws that restrict abortion access, intimidate providers and patients, and increase costs. We see the impact of these laws every day when we hear from people who need help accessing care. No one should have to go through unnecessary, demeaning, and stigmatizing hoops in order to obtain an abortion. 

It’s our mission to ensure that all people and communities have the power and resources to make sexual and reproductive health decisions with self-determination. Abortion restrictions, whether in Alabama or Minnesota, strip us of our dignity and autonomy and can push access to abortion out of reach for the most marginalized.

You can advance Reproductive Freedom in the next fiscal year with a financial gift to Our Justice. With your help, we can continue to provide help to everyone who needs it and advocate for Reproductive Justice in the community.

Our Justice, and the our Abortion Assistance Fund, relies upon modest donations from many, as well as substantial donations from those who can give more. Your donations support our direct service work and our ability to advocate for Reproductive Freedom in the community. We also welcome donations of stock, and interest in including us as a beneficiary in estate planning, for those with interest and means. If this is something of interest to you, please email

We appreciate your solidarity and support as we continue working to advance Reproductive Freedom for all.

The Our Justice Board of Directors

Shayla Walker, Co-Chair • Corenia Smith, Co-Chair • Angelica Perez, Vice Chair • Stephanie Shea, Secretary • Katie Barrett Wiik, Treasurer  

Our Justice
Welcome NEW Our Justice Board Members!

"We are thrilled to welcome these four talented new board members to Our Justice! Angelica, Shayla, Corenia, and Stephanie bring new energy, skills, and perspectives to the helm of Our Justice. Each has a demonstrated commitment to the reproductive justice movement and to ensuring access to abortion care in the Midwest. This new generation of diverse leaders will help Our Justice thrive as we move into our second half-century of resisting reproductive oppression."

- Katie Barrett Wiik, Board Chair

Our Justice
Here's to a stronger, more vibrant future. An announcement about the future of Our Justice.

Like many nonprofits, Our Justice has been challenged by a persistent gap between our funding and the pressing need for the services we provide. As a result, Our Justice must change. 

As of this summer, Our Justice has made the transition to a Board and volunteer-led organization. We are confident we can remain strong under this new model, because we began more than fifty years ago as an abortion assistance fund run by passionate volunteers. We will conduct our critical work both out in the communities we serve as well as through virtual spaces. 

Our Justice is committed to remaining strong and vibrant. We are making these significant and difficult changes so our Abortion Assistance Fund can continue and thrive. These changes will ensure that more of the dollars you donate to Our Justice can go directly to the abortion assistance fund. 

As we make this transition, we thank our driven volunteers, committed reproductive justice advocates, and passionate staff. We particularly thank Karen Law, Arie Kroeger, and Niki Rohlfsen for all they have done for and given to Our Justice. We are also buoyed by our hundreds of dedicated donors, whose numbers and depth of commitment have grown exponentially over the last few years. 

Our Justice is not going away. Our Abortion Assistance Fund is open and funding people seeking abortion care. We will be at the 2018 Minnesota State Fair, so watch your email for volunteer opportunities. We will hold our annual breakfast celebration in September 2018, and our 2019 Bowl-a-Thon will rock!

Please recommit to Our Justice at this important transition by making a fiscal year-end donation before June 30, 2018. With your ongoing support, we can continue increasing access to abortion care and reducing abortion stigma. Consider making a donation today. 

Thank you for your generosity and solidarity. 

Katie Barrett Wiik, Our Justice Board Chair

Our Justice Board Members Elisabeth Pletcher, Kathryn Glessing, Jane M. Skogstrom, Amy Johnson