"Am I Ready for Sex?" 

Choosing to have or not have sex is a big decision, as well as personal one. Click here for questions and thoughts that will help guide you through this decision making process.

"How Do I Talk To My Parents About Sex?"

We know that talking to your parents, guardians, or other caring adults about sex can be difficult. Our guide, created by teens for teens will help you in having this conversation with adults.  

"How Do I Talk to My Kids About Sex?"

Some of the best and most important learning takes place at home. If you don’t teach your children about healthy sexuality, where will your children get their information from?

“Sexually Transmitted Infections – Am I at Risk?” 

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) are the same thing as STDs or Sexually Transmitted Diseases. STIs are passed during sex and other close body contact. Most symptoms appear in the genital area, but many can affect your entire body. All are treatable and many but not all, are curable. If left untreated, all STIs can have serious health effects.

“I’m Pregnant. What Can I Do?” 

You have many choices, all of which are options for people of any age in Minnesota:

  • Abortion – when you’re not ready to be pregnant or are unable to continue a pregnancy.
  • Adoption – when you are pregnant and someone else will raise the child. 
  • Raising a child - when you decide to parent a child by raising them yourself. 

"What Should I Know About Oral Sex?” 

Oral Sex is when someone puts their mouth on their partner’s genitals to create sexual pleasure for their partner. Even though there is almost no risk of pregnancy with oral sex, you can still get Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs).

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Safer Sex Between People Designated Female At Birth

Many people believe the myth that sex between designated female at birth (DFAB) people is a low risk activity, but DFAB people who are sexually active with each other are not immune to sexually transmitted infections. Click here for additional information on safer sex between DFAB people.

Birth Control Pills, Emergency Contraception, The Abortion Pill (RU486)   

What are these pills? Where do I get them? Click the link to learn about the difference between these medications and how to use them.