Advancing Reproductive Freedom for all. 


Abortion Assistance Fund

Do you need help paying for an abortion? Our Justice’s Abortion Assistance Fund provides financial assistance and resources to people who are unable to afford an abortion.  

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Emerge is a non-religious discussion and support group for anyone who has had an abortion. People who participate in this group will meet weekly to discuss their individual experiences in a safe, respectful, and supportive environment.

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Sex, Pregnancy, and Parenting

How should you talk to your parents about sex? What's the difference between the 'Abortion Pill' and the 'Morning After Pill'? We have information that can assist you in your decision making about sex, pregnancy, and parenting.

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Minnesotans for Trust, Respect, Access

All Minnesotans deserve access to the reproductive health care they need, including abortion and contraception, without harassment or intimidation.

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Reproductive oppression will end when individuals and communities are equipped with the power to effectively control their reproductive destinies. Educate! Volunteer! Take Action!


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