Every day people are making decisions about sex, pregnancy, and parenting, and many encounter enormous challenges due to lack of resources and support.

Our Justice has always worked to provide people with the resources they need now, while also advocating for policy change that would make these resources more available and remove many of these challenges altogether. Founded in 1967 by a small group of doctors, clergy, and community members to assist Minnesota women in accessing abortion care, Our Justice continues to support people’s reproductive and sexual human rights through:

Strategic Planning

Our strategic plan summarizes the results of Our Justice's staff, board work with our stakeholders. This plan represents an intentional shift in our work from Reproductive Health (a direct service model) to Reproductive Justice (a social change model). We believe this shift is necessary to focus attention on the social, political, and economic inequalities among marginalized communities that contribute to infringements on their sexual and reproductive human rights. This plan also includes a theory of change guided by our mission. These tools, in addition to our mission, vision, promise and values, guide us in our work. Click on the images below to review our strategic plan or theory of change in their entirety.


As a charitable corporation, exempt from income tax, we are required to file Form 990 annually with the federal government. The 990 provides information on a nonprofit organization’s finances, mission, and programs, and the financial statements included in the 990 are presented in accordance with IRS regulations. If you would like to like more information, please contact us at contact@ourjustice.net or via phone at (612) 825-2000.